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Find the lost space traveller!

Have you ever heard of The Lost Space Traveller?
Get a world record on your name while taking part in world's biggest scavenger hunt!
Decrypt tough challenges, find the coordinates and dig up capsules with hints and secret messages to find out what really happened, and what went wrong.

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What's this?

The Lost Space Traveler is trying to break the world record of the biggest online scavenger hunt. This is currently at 14.580 people.


So far 26 people have joined the challenge! That's 1% of the current World Record!

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Every time you decrypt a string, or dig up a capsule, or post a breakthrough online, you'll get points! You can work together or try and be the best. Are you ready to be #1?

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Current Challenge

#3 Hidden clues?



To find the next clue I think we need to look at the website, maybe there's some hidden info somewhere. Maybe someone can boot up netsparker and search the directories? I'll have a look around myself and see what I can find. If anyone finds anything interesting content wise, reply to this post and let's make a thread out of it.